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Re: tank covers

>> Thomas Zaccone wrote:
>> Subject: tank covers
>> .....  The other side is covered with a sheet of window
>> glass which has developed water stains which don't come off with white
>> vinegar, acetone, or distilled water.

That "stain" may be where the glass has been etched and redeposited.  When
water condenses on the glass at night when the lights are off, and the top
layer of water is warm, it dissolves some of the glass.  When the lights
come on in the morning, the condensed water is dried up, redepositing the
dissolved glass.  Over the weeks and months, this etching and redepositing
can cloud the glass and make it noticably rough to the touch.

I have not found a way to clean this off.  Acid will definitely not do it.
Cerium oxide powder seems much too fine, and, with all the elbow grease I
can muster, I can't make any impression on the deposits.  Perhaps if I had
a heavy-duty power buffer, I could make an impression.  I am thinking of
trying a thin acetate sheet attached to the bottom of the glass plate or
perhaps spraying the glass with clear acrylic.  There is always a concern
that there may be some substance harmful to the plants in the acrylic.
There is only one way to find out, and that is to try it.

Paul Krombholz, in Central Mississippi, where spring is really getting in