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Re: mycobacteriosis

> > 'Bows in general are _very_ susceptible to mycobacterium ("fish TB")
> > infections.  Don't EVER purchase, or even accept one out of a tank with
> > carriers.  Chuck did the right thing putting that fish into quarantine, but
> > I hope he didn't put other "healthy" looking carriers into his tank.
> How long before I should feel safe?  I've got 2 other rainbows that came from
> the same tank.  They are in the main tank.  That was 4 months ago. Except for
> the one loss, I've seen no signs of bacterial infection (knock wood!).

I'm afraid that the news on that front isn't very good. Most treatments call for
euthanizing all fish who have been in the same tank with the infected fish, and
using bleach and alcohol on the plants. By the way, humans can catch it too
(fish handler's disease; siphoning water out of the tank is not recommended), so
be careful with open sores.

There is a very well researched article on the disease here:


I had to euthanize and tear down a planted 55 gallon aquarium a few years back
when I put in a Melanotania species that was just in from Europe. Unless you
raise the fish from eggs, a lengthy quarantine for rainbows is in order.

-- Stephen