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Re: tank covers

Thomas Zaccone" <tomjean at worldnet_att.net> wrote:

> Have any studies ever ben done on the comparative effectiveness of glass
> versus plexiglass covers in transmitting light for plant use?  I have one
> side of my 90 gallon tank covered with a sheet of plexiglass which is
> relatively easy to clean.  The other side is covered with a sheet of window
> glass which has developed water stains which don't come off with white
> vinegar, acetone, or distilled water.

In the thickness range used for aquarium covers, both materials are
indistinguishable from each other for all practical (plant) purposes.
I would say that you should use the plexiglass, since it doesn't stain 
as much as the glass. Doesn't it bow under its own weight ?

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD