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Re: Echinodorus tenellus


IME this plant spreads like a weed in no time. In my aquarium it's quite
invasive and almost every other weeked when I do maintenance I have to pull 
out a few runners that, if left unchecked, spread all over the 36" length of
the tank. I guess about 6-10 specimens on your 1'X1.5' area will make a
dense lawn in a short time (assuming of course good growth conditions:
stromg ligth, CO2, etc).

Mine tends to grow tall, 5-6". I have both corys and loaches, and they 
*love* to hide and roam under the dense canopy made by the tenellus. It
appears that the plants that come out from the runners space apart themselves
so they don't overgrow each other, this creates a lot of spaces and corridors
for the bottom dwellers to swim thru. I even took apart the rock cave that
they used to hide in, not needed anymore.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD