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RE:Holey Sword Plants Batman!

>Hi! I need some advices here. I recently noticed there
>are lots of holes on my sword plant's leaves(I think
>my sword plant is osiris, the new leaf is red in
>color). However, I don't see holes on other plants
>though. I suspect two things that can cause this:
>1) My 2 bristlenose plecos ate the leaves. I'm not
>sure though. I don't think SAEs will eat the leaves.

Give the pleco some wood if you don't have any in there. This will keep the
fish off the leaves some. I don't think this is your problem though.

>2) I'm lacking some nutrients in the water column. I
>also noticed that the end of some leaves turned
>yellow.(is this chlorisis?)

Sounds like a big lack of N. Add KNO3 and get the NO3 up too 5-10ppm. Read
about algae control and the Sears/Colin stuff on the KRIB for some ideas on
this. The K+ will help too.
Buy a good NO3 test kit. Lamott is pricy but it is better. Some other folks
have different test they like for one reason or another. Some like the
SeaChem test.  

Or.........add a jobes spike under the plant's roots.
The palm ones do well. This method will work good if the other plants are
doing well but not the sword.

Or you can do both methods. Large growing swords are *huge* feeders. Good to
have a back up plan IMO. Why not use both method to your advantage?

It's a mobile nutrient for sure with the holes.
Basically, the plant is robbing from the old part to grow the new part. 

>However, the sword plant is still growing like crazy,
>it gives out new red leaf every 4 days or so. Any
>advices and suggestions are appreciated.
>Kean Huat

Tom Barr