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Chck Gadd wrote:

>I had a neon Rainbowfish that had a small ulcer when I got him.  I placed
>him into a quarentine tank, and began treatment.   The first medication
>I tried was Melafix.  It didn't save the fish, but it actually seemed 
>to improve the condition of the plants I placed in the quarentine 
>tank.  I was very surprised.    It also did NO harm to the bio-filter,
>or to the snails in the quarentine tank.   The biggest thing I noticed
>was that the plants in the quarentine tank (low light, no CO2, bad
>substrate) were much greener after a week of melafix treatments.
>BTW, The neon rainbow didn't make it.  I tried two regular antibiotics 
>after the melafix, with no positive results.

'Bows in general are _very_ susceptible to mycobacterium ("fish TB")
infections.  Don't EVER purchase, or even accept one out of a tank with
fish with ulcers.  It is impossible to cure, and very slow to develop.
Once it is in your tanks, it will slowly spread from one fish to another.
The losses will be slow but steady.  Even fish that look fine can be
carriers.  Chuck did the right thing putting that fish into quarantine, but
I hope he didn't put other "healthy" looking carriers into his tank.