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>My tiger barbs (2) are constantly eating algae and scavenging off the
>bottom. I don't know what kind of algae, but I read in one of Axelrod's
>atlases that when a tiger barb tank of his got covered in algae, the barbs
>came into full vibrant color! Also, my barbs are not aggressive like they
>should be. They don't nip the fins of any of my fish, even my Gold Gourami.

Tiger barbs are _not_ aggressive or nippy if they are properly kept.  Keep
them in a group of 8-12 in a tank of at least 3' in length and they will be
model citizens.  Keep them in a tank that is too small, or without enough
companions, they will cause trouble.  I have not found tiger barbs to be as
hard on plants as rosy barbs once the algae runs out.  For me, rosy barbs
are great for removal of filamentous algae, but as soon as they are done
with that (which tends to be very soon) they start working the plants over.
 They will decimate soft leaved plants, and even chew all the edges off
young Anubias leaves.