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Re: NO3 test kit

>The other side of it is how efficient the biowheels are at nitrate removal. 
>Looks like I might have to invest in a nitrate test kit.
>Can someone recommend:
>1) a nitrate test kit, and
>2) a source for supplemental nitrate (does Seachem flourish provide this?)
>- -- Stephen

LaMott is about the best hobby grade kit. Sea Chem does not supply
this(NO3). You can add more fish etc too.
For NO3, add KNO3(aka stump remover) Cooke's is the brand to look for in
Garden/plant centers. Comes in a blue box or you can get it from Mr. Gomberg
site too. KNO3 is good because it adds K+ to your water. Excess K+has not
been found to harm plants. I have run it up to 50ppm and nothing is doing
poorly(only better with extra added) and many others have reported the same.
Low amounts can be a problem though in fast growing tanks. NaNO3 is another
source and Kent's Pro Plant has it in there. This is not their trace element
mix BTW.
I'm playing with it but I still use the TMG(Tropica) + KNO3 for my tanks as
general regime.
Tom Barr

Tom Barr