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Re: Melafix

I've successfully used MelaFix in cases where fins were damaged due to 
nipping, *shipping damage* or where the only apparent health problem was the 
damaged or almost totally missing, fin. I have not found it helpful at all in 
treating otherwise systemic (and unknown) diseases which are sometimes 
accompanied by fin rot--for the moment, something that is running through my 
tank and afflicting my neon tetras.

<< I recently purchased a container of MelaFix to add to my emergency 
supplies. It claims to be an antibacterial remedy for many problems such as 
fin and tail rot, eye cloud, open wounds and ulcers, open red sores, pop eye, 
body slime and mouth fungus.. The box says " does not affect PH, safe for 
snails and other invertebrates in fresh and salt water, safe for live 
aquarium plants and will not harm the biological filter". I have not had the 
occasion to need to dose with this stuff but I've read good things about it. 
It is made from Tea Tree extract (Meleleuca 001.0%).  I picked up a bottle at 
my local Pet Smart to have for my first aid kit. The product is manufactured 
by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals and should be available at many LFS's. It appears 
to be a clear liquid so there shouldn't be any staining problems from it's 
use. Sounds like you might want to try it. Has anyone used this and what were 
the results?