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Re: Bio-Wheels

> The other side of it is how efficient the biowheels are at nitrate removal. Looks like I might have to invest in a nitrate test kit.

Biowheels don't remove nitrate.   They create Nitrate from the Ammonia and

> 1) a nitrate test kit, and

I'm using the Red Sea nitrate test.  Works ok.  Do NOT get the AP Dry-tab
nitrate test.  It can't measure low amounts.

> 2) a source for supplemental nitrate (does Seachem flourish provide this?)

No, flourish does not contain nitrate.  I'm using KNO3, Potassium Nitrate. 
I bought it in a hardware store, where it was sold as Greenlight Stump
Remover.  It's pure KNO3.  Many other stump removers are too, but the
only one I know is 100% KNO3 is Greenlight.