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Re: Melafix (was NaCl & plants)

> I recently purchased a container of MelaFix to add to my emergency
> supplies. It claims to be an antibacterial remedy for many problems
> such as fin and tail rot, eye cloud, open wounds and ulcers, open red
> safe for live aquarium plants and will not harm the biological filter".

I had a neon Rainbowfish that had a small ulcer when I got him.  I placed
him into a quarentine tank, and began treatment.   The first medication
I tried was Melafix.  It didn't save the fish, but it actually seemed 
to improve the condition of the plants I placed in the quarentine 
tank.  I was very surprised.    It also did NO harm to the bio-filter,
or to the snails in the quarentine tank.   The biggest thing I noticed
was that the plants in the quarentine tank (low light, no CO2, bad
substrate) were much greener after a week of melafix treatments.

BTW, The neon rainbow didn't make it.  I tried two regular antibiotics 
after the melafix, with no positive results.