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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #112

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 Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 09:18:59 -0800
 From: Cesar Serna <cserna at la_uswebcks.com>
 Subject: Freshwater Bumble Bee Gobie
 Hello All,
 I was at the LFS stocking up on cardinal tetras and the sales person was
 being nice giving me extra fish. The salesperson
 gave me a fish that I haven't seen before and could not find in my
 reference books. I believe people should not
 buy pets without fully knowing there needs but I felt bad rejecting this
 persons gift so I took it home.
 So I am asking anyone and everyone please help!!! I don't know the
 behavior of this fish nor what it likes to eat. I have
 asked the salesperson that was no help seems they no longer carry that
 fish anymore. This fish was labeled a
 "Bumble Bee Gobie" and it has black and yellow alternating vertical
 stripes. It currently seems harmless and likes to hide
 in the plants towards the back of the tank.
Bumble bee gobie is the name used to describe several similar small 
distinctive gobies, most are brackish water fish but a few will live and 
breed in soft freshwater. To live well they generally require live or at 
least frozen food. they are a perfect size to keep with other small non 
aggressive fish.