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Re: Bio-Wheels

Tom & Lianne Herbruck at tom.herbruck at multiverse_com wrote:

> Dan-
> Thanks for the input.  Your comment brings-up another question...
> If the bacteria in my activated carbon is competing with my plants for
> nutrients, then how about my FOUR bio-wheels?
> I have a 75 gal tank with a moderate-to-heavy fish load.  I have long been a
> fan of bio-wheels, and thought that they would be a necessity in my plant
> tank (because I have no UG filter).
> Is my filtration system competing with my plants? (or will the bio-wheels
> expel all the CO2 that I am trying to inject?)
> I appreciate all the help.
> Tom

Tom, you sound like me about 6 months ago. :D  It appears that biowheels are
not really necessary and may even be counterproductive in a planted
aquarium, so I took mine off. Everything is doing fine.

Search the archives at http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/search.html
for "biowheels." Here are some responses to my own similar questions:


Dan Dixon

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