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Re: stellata/wallichii

>>Any defieceny ideas?  Is E.Strellata just a finicky plant?

Yes it is. But that makes it a challenge! 

>>pH 6.8
>>around 4 GH and KH
>>3 w/g
>>PMDD w/ Flourish
>I think that your water is too hard. It requires bright light,
>soft water, and additional CO2. I have one stem in a tank that
>meets two of the those conditions; however, the water has a GH
>of about 6. It is not doing well. It is finicky, but it had grown
>fairly well for me in water of GH <2.

I have it in a GH of 9. My ph is lower and my CO2 is higher. My substrate is
also Flourite. I use TMG+KNO3. There is plenty of iron supplied by the
Flourite IMO. It is a very interesting plant to use for many reasons but
Steve,Neil and I(et al) are still playing with it to get the color as blood
red as we've seen in picture in Europe and Japan/Asia.
Add a jobes stick under the roots and see what happens.

>Re: Rotala wallachii
>It grew quickly in similar conditions to Eusteralis, but was
>susceptible to algae and algae-eaters. I lost it.

Use snails to algae clean this plant. They are the best fine needled plant
cleaners around. Sorry, SAE's do eat them needles. I didn't believe it in
the past but I'm certain these days. I've had it for years in a GH of 9 too.
It can be a sensitive plant but can grow very well given the right
conditions. So can stellata but I'm still irritated by the color
Tom Barr