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Re: Eusteralis stellata not growing

Chris Ferrell asked...

>Can anyone think of any reason why I can't get the eusterallis strellata in
>my tank to grow?  Everything else grows like gang-busters (crypts, swords,
>java fern, bolbitus, anubias, penny wort, dwarf sag, pygmy swords, glosso,
>hairgrass) but the Eusterallis dies off at the growing tips.  I have tried
>adding more iron, N, P, Mg and Ca to try and change things for the better.
>This has been going on several weeks with no improvement.  It doesn't die,
>it just dones't grow.  The plant actually pearls from the older leaves, but
>still refuses to sprout up new growth.
>Any defieceny ideas?  Is E.Strellata just a finicky plant?
>pH 6.8
>around 4 GH and KH
>3 w/g
>PMDD w/ Flourish

I think that your water is too hard. It requires bright light,
soft water, and additional CO2. I have one stem in a tank that
meets two of the those conditions; however, the water has a GH
of about 6. It is not doing well. It is finicky, but it had grown
fairly well for me in water of GH <2.

Re: Rotala wallachii

It grew quickly in similar conditions to Eusteralis, but was
susceptible to algae and algae-eaters. I lost it.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca