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Buying a microscope

A review of the "QX3 video microscope" on Craig Bingman's web-site
(http://fpage1.ba.best.com/~cbingman/) has me thinking that I might like to
acquire a microscope to get a better look at some of the smaller inhabitants
of my aquariums. But since it has been years (and years...) since I've
actually used one, I'm hoping that some of you might be able to help...

I don't necessarily need or want a really high power instrument - I think
that from an "aquarium" point of view magnifications of under 100X would be
more than adequate, but finding one which would be suitable for "natural
history" is stumping me. Does anyone have any suggestions as to
types/brands/price ranges?

The QX3 that Mr. Bingman describes sounds interesting - sold more as a toy
than anything else but apparently capable of capturing video images in the
10X - 60X range. Is there anything comprable in magnification range in a
"regular" microsocope that would be useable? I would venture that I want
something suitable for looking at 3 dimensional objects rather than at
prepared slides.

Any suggestions?


James Purchase