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NaCl & plants

Two of my three Bristlenoses have got 'fin rot' (due, I think, to
simultaneously having a gradual filter failure leading to low O2 levels, a
huge outbreak of algae which seems to trap solid fish wastes & hold them in
the water column & out-of-control Nitrates - all now fixed).  One
recommendation I was given was to add a small amount of salt (NaCl) to the
water.  The APD archive seems inconclusive on the effects that this might
have on my plants.

Does anyone have any experience of treating this kind of problem in a
planted aquarium? (I'm currently dosing with a commercial 'Fin Rot' remedy -
"Myxazin" by Interpret.  Not sure it's doing anything though (apart from
staining my fingers Green).

Regards, Kevin