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Re: Algae Balls...

"Phil Eaton" <peaton at hotmail_com>  wrote:
>There was a post a few days ago regarding Algae Balls...

>didn't know what they were, and said they just pop up in that one tank on
>occasion.  He thinks they are some kind of moss, but he didn't know what.
>He said I could have them if I wanted them, but since I was fighting some
>algae I declined.

>They were very unique looking, and floated through the tank at neutral
>bouyancy.  The hairs looked fine, but short, and very densely packed.  It
>didn't look like they would cause a problem, and if one could attach it to a
>rock or piece of wood, it would look pretty neat.

>Does anyone have a definitive answer as to the good or evils of this little
>thing?  Or if it can be attached to something?


>Phil Eaton
>Dallas, TX

    Any pictures of this stuff? I have seen a marine macro - algae in reef tanks
that fits the description perfectly. Don't know if it is brackish or has fresh
water versions though.