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Phosphate limited growth

I think that my 55 gallon tank is phosphate limited but luckly I can easily
cure it.  My tank is a higher growth tank and always bubbles much more
vigorously after a water change, for at least a full day after a water
change.  I add nutrients when I change the water, but I also add the same
nutrients halfway through the week (weekly water change only).  The plants
react much better to the water change.  I have a decent level of phosphates
in my tap water which I thing is the (or one of the) reasons why.  I add Mg
(epsom salts), Ca, KNO3, K2SO4 and Florish twice a week.

The next test would be to do a water change on water that I have stripped of
all phosphate before adding (phos-guard) thus leaving any other minerals in
the water (save co2 or some other gas).

Just my $.02