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Eusterallis Strellata not growing, dying off at tips

Can anyone think of any reason why I can't get the eusterallis strellata in
my tank to grow?  Everything else grows like gang-busters (crypts, swords,
java fern, bolbitus, anubias, penny wort, dwarf sag, pygmy swords, glosso,
hairgrass) but the Eusterallis dies off at the growing tips.  I have tried
adding more iron, N, P, Mg and Ca to try and change things for the better.
This has been going on several weeks with no improvement.  It doesn't die,
it just dones't grow.  The plant actually pearls from the older leaves, but
still refuses to sprout up new growth.

Any defieceny ideas?  Is E.Strellata just a finicky plant?

pH 6.8
around 4 GH and KH
3 w/g
PMDD w/ Flourish