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Back to "normal", Thanks.

Hello All,

	I wish to thank all those who replied to my earlier posting (Another Algae
Problem), Thank you. The tank is back to normal for the most part, it's
about 85-90% clear now and getting better by the day. All the Stag horn is
gone, the BBA is not too be seen on any plants and the green stuff is
clearing out. I've returned the lighting back to normal and the pearling is
great. My original posting was on 02/02/00 so it took about 2 1/2 weeks in
my case to "kill" the stuff off naturally.

	In summary, I was told to bring up the No3 to a semi-constant level, bring
the Po3/4 down as much as possible, stop the Fe supplementation until the
level drops to .1 ppm and remove the peat granules from the filter. Most of
this was done over 48 hours and I noticed a makable improvement with-in few
days of completing these changes. I had noticed a few days ago however
(Wednesday last week) that the reduction in Fe had caused the some signs of
deficiency, but it appears to be improving as the new levels set in. I
expect to resume the PMDD dosing in the next couple of days.

	I had also increased the Co2 to bring down the pH a little more as
recommended, but then experienced a set back when the high pressure seal in
the regulator blew. My cylinder pressure dropped from 925 psi to about 3
within days. This really messed up the PH and Kh as it took a
day-and-a-half to get straightened out. Fortunately there was little to no
harm done or at least that I can see yet.  Anyway, to get to the point, I
was told by the service guy that fixed it, that "these seals very, very
rarely go, if at all. He's never replaced one in 22 years" and "it was a
manufacturers defect as there was nothing I could have done to cause it to
go, and it would be fixed at no cost". This was great considering it wasn't
even their product. He also mentioned that the high pressure seal usually
has a life time warranty. Just a little bit of info to keep in mind if you
ever need it.

Thanks again for all your help.


pH   7.1 +-.1 (Pen)
Kh	6	Tetra
Gh	5	Tetra
No3	5	Tetra
Fe	.1	RedSea 
Po	.1	RedSea

Lighting 245watts over 9 1/2 hours.

Shennon ta:non Nariwiio

Zaawaa Miigwens