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Re:water sprite

Tsuh Yang Chen wrote:
>Subject: water sprite: how to grow it rooted in substrate?
>how does one grow water sprite rooted to the substrate?  i can grow it as a
>floating plant, which grows as a weed but when i try to root it to the
>substrate, the crown usually rots and all the fronds come up to the surface
>where it multiplies like a pest.  is there a secret to growing it as a
>background plant?

Well, there is "water sprite" and there is "water sprite". Trouble is, what
is it that you are calling "water sprite". I have heard several kinds of
Ceratopteris and Hygro diff called "water sprite". Also Salvinia, a water
cabbage (can't remember the real name) and Frog bit. So what are you
referring to as "water sprite"?

If it's a Ceratopteris make sure you only put the roots in the substrate
NOT the crown. Also how bright are your lights? Perhaps it just can't
survive at the bottom due to low light levels.

in Vancouver