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RE: watersprite

>how does one grow water sprite rooted to the substrate?  i can grow it as a 
>floating plant, which grows as a weed but when i try to root it to the 
>substrate, the crown usually rots and all the fronds come up to the surface 
>where it multiplies like a pest.  is there a secret to growing it as a 
>background plant?
>tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA
If you have the wide type of watersprite(C. thalicroides  or something) it
is pesky to grow rooted IMO. I use the narrow type called C. silaquosa
instead as it does very, very well rooted. It seems to be a better choice
for a rooted watersprite. The other type does work well too but you need to
replant them quickly and may need more light/CO2? 
Tom Barr