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DIY Fluorescent Reflectors

Hi, first off I would just like to say that I'm a newbie here but I have been
reading a lot of this lists digests and have found many of the threads helpful,
I am very glad that I managed to stumble across this little, informative

Anyway, I have a question about constructing some DIY Fluoro reflectors. I am
just in the midst of setting up a new 120cm x 46cm x 46cm planted aquarium but
I'm having trouble finding some descent reflectors to put under my tank hood. I
did manage to find some good compact ones at a local aquarium store but they
were charging AUS$80 for a single fluoro reflector and AUS$160 for a double.
This is way too pricey for my liking's and I'm beginning to think it maybe
better if Ibuilt my own reflectors. I have also checked a number of hardware
stores in my area and none sell fluoro reflectors but just batons.

My brother-in-law is a Electrician so he can get anything electrical I need for
wholesale prices, which will be handy. I was contemplating buying a couple of
fluoro batons and then building my own reflector hoods to go with them, I was
wondering however if anyone else has constructed their own reflectors and how
they went about it? Or if there is anybody here from Sydney, Australia who can
point me off to a good supplier of fluoro reflectors, it would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.