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Re: Phosphate in the Water Column

On Sun, 20 Feb 2000, Steve Dixon  wrote:
>  So my preliminary conclusion is that 'moderate'
> (uh-oh in trouble again, Roger) levels of macronutrients are NOT problematic
> if sufficient micronutrients are present to support good plant metabolism.
> Perhaps the problem with 'excess' but moderate macronutrients is the
> creation of a micronutrient-limited situation, leading to algae growth.

Moderate!! Moderate!?   Umm, well I guess I really don't see anything
wrong with that.  If it were 'moderately optimum', then I think there'd be

As always, I have a logical problem with the idea that low or zero
concentrations of a nutrient that's essential for algae growth can cause
algae growth.

I'll restate the question as I see it.  If all the macronutrients are
present in measurable quantities, and micronutrients are dosed regularly
to keep them balanced, then what is it that keeps the algae from becoming
a nuisance?

Roger Miller