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Re: Chroma 50's

Ryan writes:

>       Does anyone know where my best bet to find GE Chroma 50's is? I have
>  searched high and low at several local places (Orchard Supply,
>  Yardbirds(similar) and Home Depot). I bought them a year ago at Orchard.
>  Any ideas? Or maybe a good alternative that is still reasonably priced? I
>  have seen "Plant and Aquarium" bulbs and some other Sylvania"plant" bulbs
>  but I'm not going to get anythingthat I know nothing about-and I'll
>  venture to guess that these ones won't be as good - I had outstanding
>  results with Chroma 50's. Thanks for any help.

Look in the yellow pages under electrical supplies.  The local lighting house 
may have to order tham, but they can usually get them in a day or two.