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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #105

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<< Aquarium pharmeceuticals sells a product (Tap Water Conditioner, I 
believe) that
 "detoxifies heavy metals."
 I'm concerned that it might remove nutrients plants need, but I am also 
 about heavy metals and fish health too. Anyone have any comments?
The Tap Water Conditioner is a small deionizing resin column designed for 
home use to produce small quantities of deionized water.  The state capacity, 
I believe, is "up to 45 gallons."  Of course, the actual amount of deionized 
water would depend on how much mineral load was being removed from your 
particular water.  The water produced is quite pure, equal to commercial 
deionized water.  Such water has had all significant mineral and metal load 
removed, and that would include iron and magnesium.  Naturally, this water 
has its uses and can be quite desirable when used to mix with ordinary 
tapwater to produce very soft water for Discus, Tetras, etc.  You would not 
want to use this water and nothing else unless you added back some minerals.  
Think of it as a building block to construct the tank water you desire.