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Algae Balls...

There was a post a few days ago regarding Algae Balls...

I didn't think much about it until I saw some at a LFS near me.  the guy 
didn't know what they were, and said they just pop up in that one tank on 
occasion.  He thinks they are some kind of moss, but he didn't know what.  
He said I could have them if I wanted them, but since I was fighting some 
algae I declined.

They were very unique looking, and floated through the tank at neutral 
bouyancy.  The hairs looked fine, but short, and very densely packed.  It 
didn't look like they would cause a problem, and if one could attach it to a 
rock or piece of wood, it would look pretty neat.

Does anyone have a definitive answer as to the good or evils of this little 
thing?  Or if it can be attached to something?


Phil Eaton
Dallas, TX
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