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alternatives to clown loaches for snail control

Joe asked:
>So, what are other aquarists experience with other loaches that will >eat 


I recently bought a pair of small loaches called Pakistani loaches (also 
known as Yo-Yo loaches).  I did not buy them for snail control, but they 
decimated my population of red ramshorn snails anyway.  I like the ramshorns 
for algae control, so I wasn't too happy with the situation!  The loaches 
were great fish, and were quite colorful (solid yellow with black "tiger" 
stripes).  The only major drawback that I ran into is that they both ended 
up in the back-filter on occasion (they could wiggle into the smallest 
places), and they both eventually jumped from the tank (through the one VERY 
small opening in the glass top).

I expect that they will eat your pond snails, because like the ramshorns, 
pond snails have rather thin shells.  By the way, I doubt that these loaches 
ever ate any of the large, adult snails, but they trimmed the population by 
eating the young and maybe even the eggs.

good luck,
Matthew Shaffer
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