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Re: TMG and Potassium

Chuck, I have been using sodium nitrate recently to
get my levels up to 5 ppm.  It has worked well.  I was
not able to get potassium nitrate, which would have
provided both.    

What is TMG?  

I found a potassium source that has worked very well
so far.  After receiving some suggestions here that I
might be having potassium deficciency, I got some
Sundown brand Potassium gluconate pills. The only
other ingredients are a small amount of cellulose and
magnesium stearate (a fatty acid or something).  I
added half of one to my 30 gallon tank.  Bacopa
caroliniana that was growing puny, ridiculously small
leaves has put out normal sized ones again.  Chain
sword leaves are coming in straight.  So far, so good.
 Thanks guys. :)  

So, if whatever this TMG thing is doesn't provide
enough nitrate or potassium, these things will work.
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