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re :Low Light in the UK

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Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 12:09:31 -0500
From: Karen Randall <krandall at world_std.com>
Subject: Low Light in the UK

Glen wrote:

>I am using DIY Co2 and my red plants are generally greener than
>they are red. They also have this annoying habit of leaning towards the
>light rather spoiling any amateurish attempts at landscaping. 

Karen Replied

>>These both point to the plants not receiving enough light.

Thanks Karen I do agree. This comment was more info to my original question
in APD #95. I am kind of resigned to the fact that when I add more light the
balance that I (accidently) seem to have achieved will be disturbed.

>I would
>perhaps be inclined to start a plant club but I only work in London (Essex
>boy). I also spend most of my working life in Europe BUT we could perhaps
>try ;-)

Karen replied

>>You don't even have to meet that often to have a good time together.  Even
>>if you could only meet every 2 or 3 months, I think you would all find it

Ok somehow I seem to have fallen into the you've been volunteered trap ;- )
Fair enough if I get a lot of response on mail then I will see what we can

>of course it would not work until we had managed to get one of our
>more experienced American celebs to come over and give us a hand :-).

>>You've actually got quite a few accomplished aquatic gardeners in your own
>>country.  Check around!

Forgive me... That was a weak attempt at humour on my part.....Of course we
do have some things to see over here as well.........