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More Algae problems

Hello all,
I'm what you would call a fresh rookie in the whole aquarium thing. So I
hope I don't annoy too many of you vets with some "repeat" questions.
I've jumped into the planting world approx. 2 months ago. Here is what I
30 gal tank, 3-24 watt T-8 lamps in home made hood (thanks Steve).
plenty-0-fish. (approx. 35" of fish). Gomberg's CO2 high pressure
system, PMDD up until about 2 weeks ago when I recieved some Tropica
Mastergrow. Water is:
pH = 6.8 - 7.0
KH = 4
Nirtate = 5-10
Fe = 0
phosphate = 0 or so
Things started off well. But soon became covered in hair algae. Battled
hard...hoped the PMDD method would kick in. Did the bleach dip. This
helped for a while, but now I have another, nastier algae pop up. I've
posted some pics i took yesterday on the internet. I wonder if some of
you knowledgible types could take a peek and help me identify and
possible recommend a plan of attack. My platies, octos.., flying foxes,
guppies, and panda corys are not really helping (not that I was
expecting them to).
Here's where you can find my algae pics:
and take a peek at my whole tank if you wish.  :)

Sorry I haven't set up a proper web site yet :(....soon though.

Thanks in advance for any help .....btw, congrats to all who participate
in this list, I've been a quiet observer for a couple of months now.

Ken in Winnipeg