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malaysian trumpet snails

>Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 16:12:47 -0600
>From: Clay Berry <clay at cybertron_com>
>Subject: Malaysian Trumpet Snails
>Does anyone out there know of a good method for removing Malaysian
>Trumpet snails, I seem to have quite the overpopulation happening.  I
>really don't want to add any Clown Loaches to get rid of the snails, I
>would appreciate any help you could give me.
>Clay Berry

Why worry so much about many MTS. If you have that many must be because
there is lots of algae and detrius for them to eat.

First, pick-up, trap.. whatever... as many as you can and give them to
other aquatic plant people or even fish people. They are GOOD things not
BAD. Some stores may buy them from you... if they are educated about

Second... not true that clown loaches don't eat them. They sure do and
there are other kinds of loaches that will too... if you don't want clowns.
Sure the CLs won't eat them ALL but so many you won't see one unless you
look with a light at night. However, I have two main tanks and the biggest
one always looks a little dirty... couldn't figure out why until I realized
that the smaller tank has no clown loaches and all kinds of snails thrive
there...MTs, ramshorns and some pond snails. A heavy load of pond snails
would worry me   but MTs... why the worry? Be thankful they are cleaning up
your tank. I recommend restraint when it comes to thinking of removing them

in Vancouver