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Re: To add or not to add

Hi Phil

I will have to do a DIY job :-( But whilst I am replying I missed a couple
of points. I am using DIY Co2 and my red plants are generally greener than
they are red. They also have this annoying habit of leaning towards the
light rather spoiling any amateurish attempts at landscaping. I would
perhaps be inclined to start a plant club but I only work in London (Essex
boy). I also spend most of my working life in Europe BUT we could perhaps
try ;-) of course it would not work until we had managed to get one of our
more experienced American celebs to come over and give us a hand :-).

Are you sure it is low nitrate  and not a fertiliser problem???

Cheers mate


Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 00:54:57 -0000
From: "Phil Barber" <phil at barber60_freeserve.co.uk>
Subject: Re: To add or not to add

Hi Glen

When I did my research into which tank to get the smallest Juwel tank that
will take extra lighting units was the 300 lt so thats what I got.  The 180
lt at 40 cm is too narrow to take 2 standard units so you may have to do a
DIY job.  Mine has been set about 8 weeks and did really well at first but
has now slowed and some algae is now developing due it seems to low nitrate
(!*?).  I use my London tap water (20 to 30 mg/lt NO3) to mineralise rain
water.  Extra lights + slower plants might be a defense against excessive
nutrient consumption.

Any way good luck... Perhaps we could form the London chapter of the
Oklahoma/Florida  Plant club : )

Phil in Croydon