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Tank observations

Just got done some plant re-arranging and tank cleaning tonight.  I thought
I'd share a few observations about the tank and it's inhabitants.

I noticed that my MTS seem to be doing just fine in the 75g tank now.  I
saw plenty of them roaming the gravel, wandering around the roots of the
plants.  I haven't changed anything since my post a month ago about all
the dead MTS I was seeing.  (and yes, they were dead.  I collected as many
as I could find, and put them into a container with some tank water.  After
several days, there was still no moving snails.)  

Several people have complimented the hydrocotyle bunch in the 
foreground of the 75g tank.   I've noticed that older leaves are starting
to melt and develop holes. The older leaves also seem to be accumulating
green spot algae.  I don't know if the melting/holes is a sign of some
particular deficiency, or if the older leaves just die out after a while.
I pulled up all of the hydrocotyle in my tank, clipped the older stuff, 
and re-planted the good stuff.  

The crypts in my tank, which I now think are all C. wendtii, are 
reproducing rapidly!  I started with a total of three crypts, one large
one, and two smaller ones.   Now I've got the large one, and more than
a dozen smaller ones. 

And thanks to those who straightened me out on the Micranthemum
variation that I had mislabeled as Glosso.  I've now got some 
geniune Glosso, we'll see how it does.   A couple people mentioned that
the other plant is a Micranthemum variety used by Amano.  It's a great
plant no matter what it's called!

Before really messing up the tank today, I noticed 3 out of the 5
Caridina japonica shrimp I added to the tank several months ago.  I 
had only seen two previously, and assumed the rest were gone.  But today
I noticed three of them, all working on cleaning small bits out of the
fine cabomba leaves.  

I also found a molted shell from one of my wood shrimp.  I've got two,
and one of them is now hiding in a rock-cave.  I'm guessing he's the
one who just molted, as they are vulnerable just after molting since
their new shells are very soft.

And last, I think my Threadfin rainbows are spawning.  Unfortunately, I
don't think I'll see any babies, as I'm seeing some of the other
rainbows picking thru the java moss that the threadfins are spawing in.
In the not too distant future, I may set up a 10g tank for breeding, and
move a couple fish to the breeding tank and see if I can get some baby