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Re:T8 lighting

Greg wrote

I saw the discussion on T8 lighting and I have a
question about it. I know it takes a different ballast
and different size bulbs. But I was curious if I could
just remove the ballast from my 48" regular shop light
assembly and just swap over to the T8 ballast and
bulbs in my original holder?

And I reply

Maybe. It depends on the style of ballast you have. If both the old and new
ballasts are rapid start then there shouldn't be a problem provided they are
for the same number of lamps. There are many wiring configurations possible
so the only way to be sure is to check the wiring diagram on both the new
and the old ballast. If the wiring diagram on the new ballast is different
than the old ballast (which is quite likely) then some rewiring is in order.
This will be the case if you are switching from a rapid start ballast to an
instant start ballast. It is very simple as long as you understand the
wiring diagram on the ballast, it is really just a  matter of removing a few
wires from the lamp sockets and rearranging them.