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Re: To add or not to add

Hi Glen

When I did my research into which tank to get the smallest Juwel tank that
will take extra lighting units was the 300 lt so thats what I got.  The 180
lt at 40 cm is too narrow to take 2 standard units so you may have to do a
DIY job.  Mine has been set about 8 weeks and did really well at first but
has now slowed and some algae is now developing due it seems to low nitrate
(!*?).  I use my London tap water (20 to 30 mg/lt NO3) to mineralise rain
water.  Extra lights + slower plants might be a defense against excessive
nutrient consumption.

Any way good luck... Perhaps we could form the London chapter of the
Oklahoma/Florida  Plant club : )

Phil in Croydon
>Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 17:38:26 -0000
>From: Glen Williams <Glen.Williams at actfs_co.uk>
>Subject: To add or not to add
>more light.
>I have a standard 180 litre tank. This is a Juwel manufactured tank and
>therefore has sealed light units and no cover glasses. I am using to 30
>triton tubes+reflectors. This I am sure is not enough light. I would like
>purchase another sealed light unit and add two more 30 watt bulbs (of a
>whiter light).
>The issue is that my tank has now been running a little over 5 weeks
>completed the decorating :) ). No problems. No algae, loads of growth and
>deaths : ).
>I like to keep things simple and live by the ain't broke don't fix it law.
>BUT I am already tired of pruning them damn stem plants. Therefore, guys,
>any pointers as to whats gonna happen if I add this extra light ???
>Initially I assume that the stem plants will take off but what are the
>of an algal bloom. How soon would I be able to start switching from stem
>plants to something slower.
>(in a slightly damp and very smelly London)