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new shop in Amherst MA, new commercial plants

A guy from my club is going out on a limb and opening a new LFS in Amherst
MA.  He is a really nice guy and is kind of scraping the funds together to
go into the fish shop business.  The incredible thing is that he wants to
make a real commitment displaying educating keeping healthy plants for sale.
I'd encourage anyone to check him out that is in the area.  We really don't
get to many LFS that go into it with those kind of notions and I actually
spent a lot of time unlearning what various LFS employees had "educated" me
on as far as plants go.   Anyway it is called Amherst aquarium and it is on
Boltwood PL.  I am not commercially vested in this venture in any way.
Sorry to those in other locals.

I thought we might start a local plant club based loosely around the shop...
Contact me if interested.

By the way has anyone else seen the very nice commercial plants on the
market in the north east?  I think that they are from Montreal.  I got a
square foot of Sagittaria subulata that is making a nice thick carpet and
spreading very rapidly.