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Node Spacing

Assuming I am able to defeat my thread algae and
nutrient defficiency problems, I turn to my final
dificulty, too much space between the nodes on stem
plants.  This is more of a problem with fine leaf
plants.  According to the Baensch Atlas, insufficient
light and too high a temperature can be causes.  I
have 90 watts of light over my tank, 2 Vitalights and
one Coralife Nutrigrow (I got a bit hasty and replaced
the 50/50.  I'm not convinced about its role in
nutrient conversion, I just don't know what else can
help the thread algae hang on).  

To me, that seems like plenty of light, especially
when I notice Rotala macrandra growing well.  

My tank temperature is usually 77f.  I have a
Visitherm heater that isn't so precice anymore.  I
think I have it set on 74.  If I can get the
temperature down to 75, would that help?  Thanks guys.
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