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C02 question

I am in the process of building my next aquarium and I was planning on
the outflow of the aquarium going to an overflow box to a sump.  While
showing the plans to a friend he stated that the overflow box would
drive off all of my C02.  Is there any truth to this?

The aquarium is going to have a pressurized C02 system that is injected
at the return pump.  The aquarium is going to be heavily planted and is
a display aquarium for Discus.  My typical tap water is very soft and
has a pH of 7.0  I am expecting the C02 to drive the pH down to 6.4 or

Some advice is needed.  If the overflow will drive off the C02, what
other recommendations might there be?  One consideration is that the
aquarium cannot have anything "mechanical" in it.  I have planned very
hard to make sure that the only things visible inside the aquarium are
the fish, the water, the rocks, the wood and the plants.

Thank you to all that respond.