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OKC club?

Hello All,

I don't know if this is the proper place to start an AP club, but not having 
a local club in Oklahoma City, and having access to this wonderful forum, I 
was wondering how many people would be interested in starting an 
aquarium/aquatic plant club.  If I can get enough names together and get 
some help, this might actually work.  I know that OKC had a club years ago, 
but eventually folded.  Karen, your lecture inspired me.  I've heard about 
all these places where people exchange ideas, pass along information, and 
trade fish/plants to expand their hobby, and have been extremely envious.  I 
guess if I want something like the clubs across the nation, we OKCer's must 
take the initiative.  So anyone interested, hop on.

Hoping for an aquarium club

>Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 15:57:48 GMT
>From: "Joe Anderson" <the_submariner at hotmail_com>
>Subject: re: carpet plants
>Hello All,
>been a while since i posted, noticed Roger's post and thought i'd add my 2
>I've tried e. tenellus and lileopsis and came up with the same results as
>Roger.  Both tend to get rather "tall" under different circumstances.
>I've had marisela (sp?) and found that it creeps rather well under shading
>and seemed to grow tall with more light.
>(i didn't have much and most of it got choked by the e. tenellus.)
>I have had H.diformis grow horizontally and it looked alright until the
>snails decided it was a delicacy.
>Havent had H.luecocephala or isoetes, but they sound interesting.
>In fact, i am waiting for Arizona Aquatics to have what i want available
>then i will prob order some!
>good day,
>Joe Anderson
>w/o an aquarium club too, in Oklahoma Cty
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