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Ph and Hardness adjustments

    I am new to this list and aquariums. I happen to
have very hi PH from my tap water 8.3ph with a total
hardness of about 250 ppm. Good old San Jose tap
    I know I need to lower these down for optimal
plant and fish health. I was curious what options I
have. I am not a big fan of peat in my filter cause it
turns my water tea brown. And whenever I do a water
change the PH will fly up until the peat gets a chance
to lower it again. I know RO units will lower ph and
hardness and then I can mix up part RO and part tap
water to get the PH and KH I want, but Ro units are a
bit pricey. I was curious if anyone has tried
something cheaper that works? I could try chemicals to
lower the PH but I am not a big fan of adding
phosphates to achieve this. I have seen Tap Water
Purifiers but I am not sure they will have the effect
I am wanting. Thanks in advance.

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