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Hairy Bolbitis

>I have some Bolbitis (huedelotti?) tied to small pieces of
>>driftwood and arrayed at the front of a tank somewhat like some people use
>>riccia.  I like the Bolbitis, but it's growing very slowly and tends to
>>harbor an annoying algae.

We musthave got it from the same place. It grows very very
well emersed, in fact the best plant I ever had was
one John Pitcairn gave me that was about a foot tall
with muddy roots. It was grown emeresed. So, I think
I'm going to try to drain the tank ans see if the
algae dies back. It's some godawful type of
thread algae - there's at least two kinds of thread
algae that I can eradicate easily but not this stuff.

I'm tempted to try an algicide on it, maybe half
strength. Has anybone EVER used that stuff even
marginally successfully?

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