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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #93

>From: "Tom & Lianne Herbruck" <tom.herbruck at multiverse_com>
>Subject: Surprising Results
>I have been running a somewhat successful "slow growth" 75 Gal plant tank
>for 2 years now.
>Recently, I began adding CO2 (Dave Gomberg's kit), with nice results (growth
>is not as slow now).
>And I just purchased my first water test kit.  The results are puzzling to
>pH:    8.0 to 8.2
>KH:    5
>GH:    8

Almost the same as my tap!
Clean your diffuser or replace it and see what happens to your Ph.Keep in a
dark place or near the bottom of your tank. Test the Ph in morning and the
evening to see how much it travels and decide how much you want it to travel
and adjust with the CO2. It will move around here and there no matter what.
If you are happy ........then you are fine!

>I've recently added some new plants (today), and I am now concerned that my
>water chemistry may not be right for the new guys. The following plants are
>Marsilea Crenata
>Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis
>Rotala Indica
>Nymphaea - dwarf lily
>Other specs on my tank are as follows:
>30% water change weekly
>CO2 at 1 per second
>Substrate fractured clay (fluorite)
>fairly heavy fish population - tetras, etc.
>190 watts light (on a 75 gallon tank)
>Current plants that are doing well:
>Large Jungle Val
>Cryptocoryne Wendtii
>Lace Plant
>Should I ignore the high pH, as I have inadvertently done for the past 2+
>years?  Tap water is pH 7.

If your happy don't mess with it. I bet you tested your water at night
before the light went out.
I'd clean that disc and see that it's making nice small misty bubbles near
some water flow at the bottom of your tank. Bet that Elodea, hornwort, lace
and Crypt  does well though............all good harder water and or lower
CO2 plants............this is the key for you I would suspect.
One Tom to another<g>.