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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #93

Pic one and two is Mic. umbrosum and three and four is Mic species "Amano"
Neil brought back from Japan it looks like. I got both myself.
Dis is what you got. 
Tom Barr
>From: Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com (Aquatic Plants Digest)
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>Subject: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #93
>Date: Sun, Feb 13, 2000, 8:34 PM

>Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 17:47:20 -0700
>From: Chuck Gadd <cgadd at cfxc_com>
>Subject: Glosso vs. Baby Tears
>Ok, I've gotten several people telling me that the plant on my site that I
>labled as Glosso is really Micranthemum umbrosum or Hemianthus
>So, I'd like to get a definitive answer.   Which is which?  The one on the
>left I believe to be Micranthemum umbrosum or Hemianthus micranthemoides.  It
>was collected in the wild in Florida.
>The one on the right I believe to be Glosso.  But I don't have a decent plant
>book, I'm waiting for my Tepoot book to arrive from barnes and noble.
>So, can you identify these two plants: