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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #92

>Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 11:19:10 -0800
>From: "John Farnocchia" <johnf at logicwiz_com>
>Subject: Which lights to choose from?  MH or CF
>I have spent hours at the Krib and only get more confused when it comes to
>lighting.  I would greatly appreciate a little help with my question.
>I have a 90 gallon tall tank. (Same footprint as 50 Gallon but taller).
>I have a Hamilton Light setup which consists of 2 MH 175W, 10000K bulbs.
>My friend has Compact Fluorescence light setup which are 4 X 55.
>Which setup would be best for my planted tank?
>Background:  Have sold all of my Reef tank inhabitants and am setting up a
>planted tank.  My friend wants to swap light systems.  If you could cc any
>responses to john at logicwiz_com I'd highly appreciate it.

Keep the MH's. Add 5000-6500K bulbs though. They will punch light down
better in such a deep tank. Are they pendants? If so definitely keep them
for the open top tank. You will prune and maintain the tank better with the
open top. You will like the 6500K bulbs better after having the 10k bulbs
rather than the 5000k ones which may seem yellow to you.

Glad you made the switch to plants and welcome! I'm doing a Leng reef system
with my own "miricle mud" recipes so I may have left reef keeping but I may
find my way back there soon!
The Leng set up is what I've been waiting for.
Tom Barr