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Re: The south left out

Dwight writes:

> I would love to start up a local group, but I have NO EXPERIENCE in this
>  sort of thing!  Nor do I have the "star-power" to attract committed
>  volunteers to keep it going.   I'm not even sure I know how your NE groups
>  are organized. The problem is that those who are best known in our circles
>  don't live south of the Mason-Dixon.  

 I would have pasted the rest of this post as well, but it is just more of 
the same.  Starting a group is REALLY easy.  You go down to the LFS with a 
small poster that you printed on your pooter.  You ask them if you can post 
it on their window.  These groups are great for shops.  They promote the 
hobby and bring new people in, which increases their business.

People come to the store,see the phone number and call you.  YOu get a list 
of phone numbers and start calling around until you have a first date and 
place.  Churches, zoos, public aquariums, and even larger LFSs will volunteer 
to provide a place.  Just get some names and make some calls.

Honest.  Don't make excuses for failure.  Find REASONS for success.

Bob Dixon