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Surprising Results

I have been running a somewhat successful "slow growth" 75 Gal plant tank
for 2 years now.
Recently, I began adding CO2 (Dave Gomberg's kit), with nice results (growth
is not as slow now).
And I just purchased my first water test kit.  The results are puzzling to

pH:    8.0 to 8.2
KH:    5
GH:    8

I've recently added some new plants (today), and I am now concerned that my
water chemistry may not be right for the new guys. The following plants are
Marsilea Crenata
Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis
Rotala Indica
Nymphaea - dwarf lily

Other specs on my tank are as follows:
30% water change weekly
CO2 at 1 per second
Substrate fractured clay (fluorite)
fairly heavy fish population - tetras, etc.
190 watts light (on a 75 gallon tank)
Current plants that are doing well:
Large Jungle Val
Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Lace Plant

Should I ignore the high pH, as I have inadvertently done for the past 2+
years?  Tap water is pH 7.