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RE: Which lights to choose from? MH or CF

John wrote:

"snip" I have a 90 gallon tall tank. I have a Hamilton Light setup which
consists of 2 MH 175W, 10000K bulbs. My friend has Compact Fluorescence
light setup which are 4 X 55. Which setup would be best for my planted tank?

10,000K bulbs won't work on a planted tank, they are too blue. The blue reef
lights simulate the light at about ten meters underwater, much deeper than
the typical environment of most aquatic plants. Shoot for about 3
watts/gallon in the 6500K light temperature range. It doesn't matter how you
get the watts. If you go higher than 3 watts/gallon you will need CO2
injection and supplemental fertilization or you will just grow algae. You
might get it anyway at 3 watts. It's a choice of high-input or low-input.
(Based on my experience, take it or leave it.)