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Albuquerque aquarium/aquatic plants club


This is for readers in the Albuquerque area.  I apologize for using space
on the list for this, but I don't yet have an alternative.

I've been looking for an aquarium club in the Albuquerque area for quite
some time.  There was one once, but it hasn't been heard from in years so
I suspect it folded.

I visited Clark's on Lomas Saturday and asked one of the senior employees
if she knew of any local clubs.  She didn't, but Aaron Clark overheard the
question and told me there was a new pet shop near Cedar Crest and the
owner of that shop was starting an aquarium club.

I couldn't find the shop in this year's yellow pages, so it must be really
new.  Does anyone know how to reach them?  Or know anything else about
that group?

More generally, are there others on this list who are interested in a
local aquarium club or aquatic plants group?  I'm in the South Valley, and
from here "local" could probably take in anything in or near the Rio
Rancho - Edgewood - Los Lunas triangle.  I think Santa Fe might be a
bit of a reach for regular meetings, but maybe not.

If you're interested or have any information, please drop me a note.


Roger Miller
rgrmill at rt66_com